It’s been some time since we showcased how to build one of the many beautiful and engaging Flite ad products. Well, today you’re in luck. We're going to build a Video Mosaic ad in 3 minutes or less.  

Video Mosaic captivates audiences by displaying episodic video content or series of short branded films in a single, collective, in-banner experience. This is a great way to feature multiple videos within one ad, much like multiple images from a social feed may be featured.

To build the ad you'll need a few assets:

  • YouTube URLs for each video (in this example there are three)

  • Thumbnail images

  • Headlines

  • A 300x250 Branding banner for the footer

  • Logo

  • Tagline or CTA

  • Clickthrough URL

Once you've gathered your assets you can begin the build. Let’s go!

  1. Select a “Make New Item” in Flite Console.

  2. Choose “HTML5 Ad…”.

  3. In the Ad Products category, select the “Video Mosaic” ad product. (In Design Studio, there are many components already built in that handle the animation, layout, and styling).

  4. Once in the ad, input each of the assets from top to bottom, starting with each video URL. (If your videos are hosted on YouTube, input the URL into the field within the YouTube component. If the video is hosted in Flite, replace the YouTube component with the Hosted Video component.)

  5. Move down the Layers panel inputting the headline and thumbnail image for each of the videos.

  6. Upload the Footer Banner. This asset can be as simple as a 300x250s or a solid background color with a CTA.

  7. Finally, upload the logo to its location at the top of the ad and the build is done.

Once you're done building you can review the ad and see how the video overlays on the top half of the unit when it is played. You can also visit the Help Center here for further details.

That’s it. Yet another engaging, interactive video ad that can be personalized and scaled for your various audiences. Until next time, go build an ad in Flite!