Today’s consumers are “wired-in” 24x7. The average person receives dozens to hundreds of push notifications per day, and checks their social media networks 17 times a day. We are virtually extensions of our mobile phones and their constant torrent of information.

Old world marketing was much more straightforward as information moved at a slower pace. Print, television, and radio advertisements took months to produce and were very expensive to promote nationally or globally. If yesterday’s marketing travelled at the speed of the fastest courier, today’s marketing travels at the speed of light. Advertisements today are lightweight, and cheap to produce. Ad networks allow even the smallest of brands to target a global audience in minutes with minimal cost.

To stay competitive, brands need to embrace agile marketing practices that keep them on the cusp of behavioral shifts. Brands must also be ready to react to sudden changes in corporate strategy, competitor moves, as well as economical, political, environmental, and cultural events.

At Flite, speed and agility are paramount. This is especially evident in our ability to help marketers respond quickly to unpredictable changes. As soon as a digital ad campaign goes live, the campaign and creative are dynamic and editable. If changes need to be made, marketers can edit copy, call-to-actions and other design elements, as well as video content in real-time.

Ripple Live Updates is the patented technology behind Flite’s real-time editing capabilities and enables brands to push changes instantaneously to live campaigns. This ensures marketers can reach their entire audience base with speed, scale, and precision.

When new trends sweep the world, brands need to be able to capitalize immediately, or risk losing relevancy with their customers. The recent popularity of Pokémon Go is a great example of how brands can leverage Flite’s real-time capabilities to respond to pop-culture phenomenon. With Ripple Live Updates, you could integrate Pokémon creative or relevant gameplay functionality in your advertisements in real-time.

Ripple Live Updates and Flite’s Autopilot technology work in tandem to help marketers deliver high-performance campaigns in real-time. While Autopilot provides the foundation to test infinite variations of ad copy, visuals, and user targeting, Ripple Live Updates enable you to respond to Autopilot’s test results and make instantaneous changes to live campaigns. This ensures marketers can reach their entire audience base with unprecedented speed.  

At the campaign level, marketers can add, swap or delete creatives or alter campaign rules and conditions. At the creative level, marketers can alter specific elements like texts, images, icons, and user actions.  

With Flite’s Autopilot and Ripple Live Updates technologies, marketers have unparalleled insights and real-time control over their campaigns. For more information on Ripple Live Updates, connect with our sales team for a demo. Stay tuned for our upcoming post on Datastream and how brands can stream content from any live feed into digital ad campaigns.