Flite provides everything an advertiser needs to design, serve, and analyze personalized ad campaigns all from our professional-grade, SAAS platform.

Perhaps the most powerful part of our Creative Management Platform is AUTOPILOT -- the underlying technology that intelligently personalizes, learns, and optimizes your campaigns in real-time, so your brand communication resonates instantly with your audience. Let’s take a deeper look at the various functionalities of Autopilot.



In a sea of digital ads, it’s crucial that your brand’s messaging stands out. The best way to ensure your brand’s message resonates is by targeting your exact audience. Autopilot pushes key audience information and data signals into the creative, making it possible to deliver precise, personalized creatives at scale.


Copywriting is difficult, and you don’t want to rely on your gut when choosing which headlines and copy will work best. Great campaigns use hundreds of different variations of headline, copy and call-to-action and rely on real interaction data to determine the most optimal messaging. Autopilot makes it possible to generate numerous versions of an ad by setting any creative element as ‘interchangeable’ variables.


Once you’ve generated all of your creative variations, you need to administer the campaigns. Administering hundreds of variations is a daunting task in most platforms. But with Autopilot, it’s a cinch. In addition to A/B testing, Autopilot makes it possible to evaluate the performance of unlimited creative variations simultaneously.


Autopilot also serves as Flite’s version of DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization). It optimizes campaigns in real-time, by delivering top performing creatives automatically as it learns from your customer interactions.

Since your campaign is consistently performing at it’s best, this means you’re getting the most out of every dollar of your ad budget, while Autopilot does all the heavy lifting -- saving you valuable time and effort.


It’s imperative that marketers understand and keep up with new technologies. Those who are willing to experiment and adapt will stay miles ahead of their competition. The future of marketing lies in high performance 1:1 communication -- lucky for us, technologies like Autopilot make this completely achievable today.

To learn about how Autopilot can help you ship better performing campaigns with less effort, contact our sales team to setup a demo. Be sure to stay tuned for insights on Flite’s next core technology: Ripple Live Updates.