School is almost back in session and marketers and publishers are responsible for personalizing the shopping experience, both online and in-store, for a variety of audiences. And like every other seasonal event, digital advertising is the featured platform for personalized campaign messages to be served to students and parents alike.

While consumers see this as a time to stock up on electronics, school supplies, and the freshest outfits, marketers view the back-to-school shopping season as one of the largest retail occasions of the year—second only to the winter holidays in terms of foot traffic and sales.1 To capitalize on this positive growth for retail, marketers must be poised to capture consumer attention over the next crucial 2 months. Looking to a CMP like Flite, that can combine flexible design with data and real-time optimization, to create 1:1 personalized and scalable ads will be a pivotal move this school year.

In an effort to showcase what can be achieved in Flite, we developed a package of ad products for brands and publishers to implement for their upcoming campaigns. Flite’s Back-to-School Suite consists of interactive, data, and content-driven video and display ad products. These ad products are easily built and can be leveraged to simplify the shopping experience for consumers, from add-to-cart and shopping checklists — all leveraging location data to provide easy and precise product, pricing, and purchase information.

Preparing to head back to class is an exciting time for parents and students alike. Marketers will be effective this back-to-school season if they invest in a digital strategy that fosters real engagement between their brand and their audiences. CMPs like Flite are poised to drive this sought-after 1:1 digital experience with consumers, as personalized creative provides a unique experience for every memorable moment the new academic year brings.

1 National Retail Federation, Back-to-School Spending Survey, July 2015