By Carl Weber: Director of Business Development, WeatherAlpha


WeatherAlpha’s mission is to provide a one-stop-shop for a wide range of weather-related data. We provide expert consultation for how weather data can be applied to marketing campaigns and makes it simple and actionable across the digital landscape.  understand the impact of weather on their businesses and gain a competitive advantage. Anyone who has ever had a flight delayed or tracked prices in the produce aisle can attest to the impact of weather on both large companies and individual consumers.

For companies whose sales are impacted by weather, the link to their customers’ behavior is obvious. However, finding the best way to leverage weather conditions in their marketing efforts, and turning customer behavior into sales, can be challenging.

Fortunately, as the adtech industry continues to embrace data science, it is becoming easier to integrate complex data sets into campaigns and make more meaningful connections with customers. With regards to leveraging weather data to offer contextually relevant ads, it is getting easier to pinpoint a customer’s geography prior to delivering a message. Marketers can use this window of opportunity to deliver creative that is tailored to the weather conditions they are currently experiencing; and also incorporate timely, relevant messaging within the ad itself. This helps connect the dots from driver to purchase.

For example, a CPG company selling sunscreen can target zip codes that will experience high UV levels today and tomorrow.  The ad’s message can convey both an alert message about the sunny conditions, while advertising a protective product::

"Block out harmful UV rays with the best skin protection available."

In another example, a retail brand pitching outdoor apparel can serve separate ads to regions where temperatures are at least 5 degrees below normal for the date.   

“Get outside and gear up against the unseasonable chill.  Visit our online store for the best in insulated spring apparel!”

The combination of serving an ad to a customer who you know is experiencing a certain weather condition, while tailoring creative and messaging speaking to that condition, is an efficient way to spur an action. In our experience, campaigns that do a good job of marrying weather data with customer insights and strong creative, can see a significant increase in engagement. Flite’s platform not only allows for weather-driven creative, but gives advertisers the ability to scale and update creative, based on the latest weather patterns.

When planning your next campaign, think beyond general seasonality and consider incorporating hyper local, real-time weather data to make your creative and ad spend work that much harder for your bottom line.