The conventional digital marketing workflow is etched in stone: Plan campaign, launch campaign, extract data, churn reports, share meaningful learnings with the client, and repeat.

Where the fallacy lies is in believing that on our first attempt, we can design perfect creatives with the most optimal copy, and that we’ll be able to apply meaningful insights to future campaigns.

The best digital marketers know they do not have the luxury of waiting a few weeks or months to gather data and improve campaign performance. Consumer demand is a constantly evolving beast; what’s hot today might be passé tomorrow. Marketers, therefore, must capitalize on data as it arrives and quickly iterate on campaigns in real-time to optimize ad performance and maximize conversion.

Today’s marketers want to know how much money they are burning before they realize parts of their campaign aren’t working. They want to monitor fluctuations in their marketing mixes to understand if they are targeting the appropriate audience. Having real-time data available makes it possible to improve the creative and messaging in the time that matters most, and ultimately, run a more successful campaign.

Flite offers marketers an arsenal of real-time reporting capabilities so they can iteratively and incrementally measure, learn and improve their campaigns.


Here are some common use cases where Flite’s real-time reporting is beneficial:

  • Get immediate confirmation your campaign is live and being served as intended

  • If rules are setup in your campaign to serve different creative based on dayparting, you can confirm the correct ad is being served

  • Monitor performance of campaign optimizations (i.e creative updates) hours later

  • Brands running high impact campaigns during live events, like the Super Bowl or Grammys, can easily monitor the average amount of interactions and optimize accordingly

A successful digital marketer verifies the accuracy and assesses the performance of their campaign in real-time. If you’re still waiting weeks or months to learn and improve campaigns, your customers are likely to leave you behind. Talk to your local Account Manager to learn about real-time reporting today!