Last week, Flite sponsored the BrandU conference in New York. This is a relatively-new conference, run by Bonin Bough, with the purpose being to provide mid and high-level brand managers and agency reps the tools to further their career while educating them on the latest technologies. And companies like Flite offer new solutions to challenges that these budding marketers are facing on a daily basis.

With these types of conferences there are always many lessons to be learned. One of the major highlights was a fireside chat between Bonin and Shingy. For those of you not familiar with Shingy, he is a well-known digital media trend spotter, and definitely worth watching some of his videos. Below are the three key takeaways from the two-day event.

  • Real-time marketing exists. It's all about relevant marketing.

veryone throws around the term “real-time” in digital advertising, and many if not most are    achieving that to some degree. What is still being missed by many is providing truly relevant marketing, in real-time. Whether it be the complications of using data or finding solutions to personalize everything from the ads being served to the content surrounding the ads, this is definitely the space to improve.

  • Agencies will begin to evolve and/or pivot.

We have all seen the major changes in brand/agency relationships over the last few years. But the evolution of them are not over. With attention to creative becoming increasingly important again, creative agencies will be more involved in media buying process.

  • Hyper personalized messaging and 1:1 communication is key for marketers to win.

This was the big point for us, as 1:1 marketing is what Flite preaches. In order to successfully deliver on points one and two, brands need technology that can give marketers and designers flexibility on building data-driven creative at scale. The brands that adopt this mentality early on will see the benefits sooner than others.

BrandU encouraged attendees to be “intraprenuers” - to have the startup mindset and bring it to their large parent company. CMPs and 1:1 Marketing are technologies and strategies still being vetted out by many brands today. The conversations and themes of the sessions made us really excited about the future of our business and reiterated the importance of relevant, personalized creative. Flite is continually working with brands and agencies to educate and showcase the benefits of leveraging a CMP for their digital advertising, but having this type of platform is truly unique.