Last time we mentioned to be on the lookout for future tutorials on how to create an ad in Flite in 3 minutes. For those of you that missed our last post, we will walk through how to build a particular type of ad in Flite. Well, today we're going to create a Video Scroll Reveal ad!

What’s Video Scroll Reveal you ask? It is a high-impact, expandable outstream video ad displayed when viewable by a consumer. This ad breaks brands through the clutter, gives publishers a premium canvas for viewable creative executions, and encourages consumers to take action.

Items you'll need before you build your ad:

1. Video File
Accepted video types include .mp4, .m4v, and .mov that is 100MB or less (A complete list of supported types can be found in the Help Center)

2. Poster Image
The poster image is shown after the video ends (Provide a JPG or PNG that is 2MB or less)

3. Brand Logo
Use 150x150 image (Display at HiDPI / Retina mode @2x)

4. URL to brand’s main site/Link for CTA button
Without further ado, let's get started!

Minute 1:

  1. Select “Video Scroll Reveal” from the Ad Product catalog in the size that you need (For this example I'm going to choose the 640x1 ad size which can be displayed in-content on desktop or mobile sites)

  2. The ad product template has two stages: (1) A viewability trigger that displays the (2) second stage when the ad unit is in view (You don't need to do anything on the default stage)

  3. In the “Stages” panel, select the “Expanded” stage

  4. In the “Layers” panel, click on the “Hosted Video” layer

  5. Update the video by replacing the asset with an existing one or upload a new one

  6. Click on the cloud icon (If the video asset was previously created, click on “Assign Existing” and select the video asset. You can also click “Create New” and upload your video here)

Minute 2

  1. Update the poster image, so that there's a beginning frame before the video starts

  2. Refresh the logo by clicking on the “Logo” layer and uploading a new image

  3. Go to the “Variables” panel and update the main URL variable with the brand's clickthrough URL

Minute 3

  1. Save and publish your ad, by clicking on the buttons on the top right corner

And there it is — a Video Scroll Reveal ad built in three minutes or less! Flite continues to develop flexible and engaging ad products, to be customized and scaled in the most user-friendly fashion. More tutorials on how to build beautiful ad products like these will be displayed in future posts.