Video advertising is sweeping the advertising industry in a big way. It is becoming a larger piece of advertisers’ budgets and publishers’ digital strategies. One of the foundational ingredients for executing digital video is VAST.

VAST, aka Video Ad Serving Template, is a standardized way to serve commercials within a video player on a website. The template has been utilized since it's introduction in 2008 and is the preferred method for delivering  in-line video ads. The VAST template streamlines the video process overall, and Flite simplifies the act of compiling VAST tags.

The following steps will show how to build a VAST creative and generate a VAST tag in Flite - in three minutes!

Before you begin you'll need two items:

1. A campaign already created

2. A video file ready to upload. Videos can be uploaded in several formats including mp4 , .m4v, .mov, or another accepted format


Let’s Get Started!

  Minute 1
  1. Log in and navigate to Design Studio
  2. Create a new asset with the asset type “Hosted Video”

  3. Upload the video and the file will begin processing (A button will appear at the bottom of the asset screen indicating that the video is processing)

  4. When finished processing, a frame of the video will appear in the middle of the asset screen

  Minute 2
  1. Once the video frame loads, you'll be able to preview the video
  2. Click on the “Publish” button within the asset screen to save the processed video to Design Studio

  3. After exiting out the asset screen, the video will be saved to the top of the “Items List” in Design Studio

  4. All other assets, campaigns, ads, or other items will appear in the list

  Minute 3
  1. Within Flite Console, click on the campaign you set up ahead of time
  2. In Campaign Studio, a list of ads and assets appear to the right of the Campaign Model

  3. Click on “Assets” tab and you'll see the video asset you just created at the top of the list

  4. Drag the asset into Campaign Model and a video dimension will appear (this is your video placement!)

  5. Navigate to the Traffic tab

  6. Select the video placement and click “Generate Tag”

  7. The VAST tag URL will appear and is now available for trafficking


The VAST tag URL can be served through your own ad server or sent out to various inventory providers for distribution. Along with your other Flite ads, you'll be able to view standard VAST reporting metrics, including starts, quartile plays, and completes, all in Flite Report Studio. Check out the video below to see how to build one yourself!

There you have it—a VAST ad built in three minutes. Flite aims to offer the highest quality tools and technologies, in the simplest and most user-friendly fashion. Be on the lookout for future tutorials on how to create an ad in Flite — in 3 minutes or less!