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It is abundantly clear that video is top of mind for every marketer, publisher, and platform in digital advertising. According to a recent eMarketer piece, US digital video ad spending is predicted to reach $28.08 billion in 2020, up from a projected $9.90 billion in 2016. These estimates make video the fastest-growing category on mobile, on desktop, and overall for the next four years. The current challenge with video advertising is how to better personalize and optimize video ads, at scale, to drive awareness and results. And the answer to solving this conundrum is the Creative Management Platform (CMP).

CMPs leverage design, content, and data to improve the digital advertising experience, and this mantra applies to video as well. Flite has been working diligently to offer brands and publishers the necessary tools to design, launch, optimize, and report on video. As such, we bring you Flite Video!

Flite Video gives brands the vehicles to improve branding and performance goals in a high-impact manner and publishers the premium and breakthrough environments to drive monetization - all in achieving one common goal — a heightened digital consumer experience. From Hosted Video and Outstream to VAST and VPAID, Flite Video inspires creativity within our customers and can be customized to every brand’s look and feel — and in HTML5. 

Flite Video—A Comprehensive Video Offering

Hosted Video

Leverage Flite’s professional grade, self-service platform to host, customize, and traffic video. Flite enables video files to be hosted and transcoded into formats suitable for all digital platforms and ad formats. Improve consumer interaction and monetization with automatic transcoding across all browsers and devices and support standard and custom video ads with ease and scale.


Use Flite Design Studio to easily transform existing video assets into VAST and VPAID ads, tapping into new sources of in-stream video inventory with high viewability and immersive display sizes. Interactive video ads provide actionable metrics and insights from users - improving a marketer’s understanding of its consumers. All of this, designing and building video ads in Design Studio and generating single source reporting in Report Studio, can be done in one platform — meaning savings, convenience, and consistency.


Serving video ads directly in the user’s content feed addresses brands and publishers need for scalable and premium video ads. Unlocking this additional inventory also enables more video ads to be planned for and sold programmatically. And replacing static banner ads with rich video content that engages consumers in a less obtrusive manner improves the quality of ads and overall viewing experience.


Vertical Video

Flite Vertical Video with MRAID offers brands a bold way to communicate with consumers and mobile-app publishers a 100 viewable, full-screen video ad solution to increase demand and extend scale. Through flexible canvases, customize video in Flite Design Studio and layer in owned content and style for a richer mobile-app video experience.

Inline Mobile Web (Coming Soon)

Flite Inline Mobile Web Video will offer a premium, unobstructed way to drive higher consumer attention through user-initiated video playback. Connect with consumers with an immersive and attention-based video ad and customize video content and functionality in Flite Design Studio with our flexible canvases. Also, we are on the lookout for beta partners to test out this solution!

Video advertising is growing at a rapid rate and does not seem to be losing steam anytime soon. Flite is thrilled to be a part of this journey. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Please contact Flite sales or your account representative to learn more about how to activate this premium feature set in your account today