We’ve given an overview of what vertical video is, and some key strategies for both publishers and advertisers. Mobile video trailblazers, such as Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, and Flipboard, have provided an excellent guide vertical video. In the short time since their inception, vertical videos have proven significantly more effective with consumers, as they are 9 times more likely to watch an ad to completion.

Today we’d like to go a bit deeper on the emerging format and lend some pro tips to successfully position yourself today and in the future.



  • Make it short and sweet - Most of our customers see vertical videos using a duration of 10 seconds or less see the most success

  • Enrich don't just crop - While it may seem easiest to simply crop a horizontal video to focus on a vertically oriented area, Flite has seen the most success with vertical videos that are also enriched with branding elements (i.e. layered images and text call-outs).

  • Pay more/get more - Most publishers are charging a premium for vertical inventory (some reports of an incremental $3 CPM), but given the 900% increase in likelihood that a  video will be watched to completion, advertisers also receive more consumer attention in exchange for this premium.


Flite’s Velocity empowers any marketer to crop and edit videos through an easy to use step-by-step guide. Leveraging the power of Flite Design Studio, marketers and designers can create Velocity templates that enrich a vertical video with custom animations, text, images, and logos in order to develop a more engaging video experience.

To learn more about how to get started with Velocity, contact our sales team today.