We’re excited to announce the launch of Flite Ad Products. Flite Ad Products are advertising experiences designed to help achieve specific goals. Intended to inspire creativity within our customers, Flite Ad Products can be customized to every brand’s look and feel. Check out the first set via the Make New dialog in Design Studio HTML5 and stay tuned for more in the future.

Flite Ad Products

Reduce a consumer’s path to purchase by empowering them to explore and learn more about products within an ad. Shoppable ads come in multiple versions to address consumers at every stage of the purchase funnel. Use product mosaics to drive consumer awareness of products or improve consideration through in-depth product information directly within an ad.

Discovery & Immersion
Encourage consumers to engage directly with your brand from within an ad. Use a phone’s accelerometer so consumers can tilt their device to pan through an image. Or use Flite’s unique Storyboard and Video Mosaic products to tell your unique brand story through images and movies. With Flite’s Discovery & Immersion Ad Products, no matter what your goals are consumers will be engaged and learn about your brand.

Social Amplifiers
Extend your brand’s social presence through paid media using Flite’s Social Amplifier ads. These ads showcase a curated selection of social images or messages across your media buy. Utilize Flite’s patented technology to instantly push updates with your latest social content without re-trafficking.

Localization & Weather
Customize ads based upon a consumer’s location and weather. Images, videos, text, and links can change automatically as the user’s location and weather conditions change. It is now even easier to incorporate the temperature and a consumer’s current location into the ad content itself.