This information is used to setup new accounts and users for creative ad builds and content curators and approvers. 

This information is required for all new accounts that haven't previously run a campaign in Flite. 

If you don't have the content curator and approver information at the outset; please return to this form to submit the information when you do. In the meantime, we will setup the Administrator and add External Team members.

Account Setup
(e.g. Coke, Kraft, Samsung)
(if applicable: Coke - Smartwater; Kraft - Philly Cream Cheese)
(e.g. U.K., LatAm)
Account Access
The Flite Administrator will manage User setup for this Account. If you're already an admin for other accounts and no additional Admin access is required, enter "OK" in the email, username, and password fields.
Content Management
The following information is only required for access to indexed Owned and Licensed Content for content-based ads.
Content Curator Setup
Content Approver Setup