Hello, We’re Flite

Our Story

In 2014, digital ad spending reached $138 billion worldwide. Unfortunately, 80% of these ads were ignored. By bringing together the beauty of creative and the power of data & technology, Flite is on a mission to help the world’s leading brands build beautiful, intelligent ads, so they can connect with consumers in a meaningful and personalized way. 

About Our Company

Flite is the world’s leading creative management platform powering creatives and marketers from top-tier brands, agencies, and publishers. Our state-of-the-art platform gives creative professionals the power to design visually stunning ads on live, interactive canvases, while giving marketers the ability to launch, manage, measure and optimize digital ad campaigns in real time, at scale, all in one seamless experience.

Founded in 2006, Flite builds innovative technology to power creativity. Flite is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York City and Chicago and is backed by Sequoia Capital, HWVP, General Catalyst Venture Partners, Conde Nast, Iris Capital, and Harrison Metal.